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Sirrah is the first ever full broadcasting and streaming software package from MAYAH. It is based on the software already running our newest generation of audio codec devices, now available for anyone with an appropriate server machine. It includes all the advantages of our newest generation of products in a convenient package. You can save money, time and logistical effort with the Sirrah solution. Software is the future!

You never again require specialized hardware for most of your audio transmission and streaming needs. You only require a server with the necessary audio I/O connections and and the Sirrah package and you can get started. Once installed, you have full access to all the functions of the WebRemote 5.0. This means all the convenience, intuitive control and breadth of options you can imagine. From audio transmission with RTP and SIP to full audio streaming with HLS, DASH or others, Sirrah covers it all.

Of course Sirrah also includes the full set of codec algorithms and transport protocols that you have come to expect from the newest MAYAH products. This includes OPUS, AES67, mp3, FLAC and the all new xHE-AAC algorithm from the Fraunhofer Institute.

    Audio I|O OTT
Dash, HLS, Icecast
Opus, FLAC, mp3, Linear
WebRemote 5.0
PIPE Concept Encryption
Sirrah SIP Software scalable opt. opt. opt.
Sirrah OTT Software scalable opt. opt. opt.
ANDROMEDA Hardware ≥ 64 opt. opt. opt.
GeMINI Studio Hardware 8 opt. opt. opt.
GeMINI Report Hardware 4 opt. opt. opt.

OTT Streaming

the best online audio streaming

OTT Streaming

The ability to offer online audio streaming is becoming more and more important. Sirrah OTT is specifically designed for this application. If you intend to offer audio streaming to your listeners, you likely already possess the necessary server infrastructure for operating it. Sirrah includes all the features you would expect from OTT streaming software, including the full set of transport protocols for streaming (HLS, DASH, Icecast and more) as well as comprehensive metadata configuration and input. Sirrah is the best way to get your audio to the CDN.


PIPE Concept

for piece of cake control

PIPE concept

Based on the most modern methods, the remote control of Sirrah supports not only a Dashboard but even the new PIPE concept as well as extensive Phonebook and user settings, user management and more.

The PIPE concepts takes the idea of simple drag-and-drop controls and applies it to the setup of audio transmission. Using the WebRemote is now easier, more intuitive and simply more fun than ever before. The PIPE concepts also simplifies the display of multiple connections, allowing the user to conveniently monitor multiple connections at once in great detail.

Sirrah also includes specialized PIPE elements for SIP transmission and OTT streaming. These include expansive configuration options for SIP and OTT. This means comprehensive integration into Dashboard widgets for simpler control and monitoring as well as a flexible SIP Phonebook and Metadata input for streaming.



the most modern audio coding formats

coding formats

Opus, FLAC, AES67, HE AAC, AAC xHe and all other available audio coding formats can be used for transmissions and also for simultaneous recording or converting.

RTP, RTSP, SIP and other protocols are all supported as well. With AES67 Sirrah is docking to Axia Livewire, Dante and Ravenna and offers plug and play compatibility.

Linear: Uncompressed audio.
MPEG-Layer 2 and 3: The proven go-to formats for efficient bitrate.
Opus: A hybrid audio coding format, flexible and adaptive.
AES67: IP Layer 3 driven, it offers highest quality and low latency.
FLAC: Mathematically lossless coding format
AAC HE: A globally accepted MPEG, excellent even at very low bitrates.
AAC xHE: The improvement on AAC HE.
And more!


Hidden Transmission

Encryption and VPN


Sirrah allows encryption to protect data transmissions, making them inaccessible to third parties. This new feature is of interest to customers that are worried about the security of their audio transmissions and recordings as well as those in the security sector, who simply cannot allow their transmissions to be compromised. Encryption is about encoding information or messages so that only devices with the means to decode them are able to read them.

If unauthorized parties somehow manage to get ahold of the transmission they would not be able to understand anything. Your transmissions stay as safe as they should be! For a long time this was not realistically feasible because encryption added a significant amount of latency, unsurprising given the additional processing required for the encryption and decryption of the data. However, we have successfully solved this issue.