Based on MAYAH’s experience and competence in secure audio transmissions for broadcast applications, the pioneering team is expanding towards real security applications. Supporting a variety of mechanisms for the fields of surveillance, MAYAH will soon be offering the innovative GeMINI Security.


Our products allow you to use encryption to protect your data transmissions, making them inaccessible to third parties. This new feature is of interest to customers that are worried about the security of their audio transmissions and recordings as well as those in the security sector, who simply cannot allow their transmissions to be compromised.

Encryption is about encoding information or messages so that only people with the means to decode them are able to read them. When unauthorized parties somehow read the transmission they will not be able to understand anything. Your transmissions stay as safe as they should be!

For a long time this was not realistically feasible because encryption added a significant amount of latency, unsurprising given the additional processing required for the encryption and decryption of the data. However, we have successfully solved the issue now

For this purpose we take advantage of a variety of encryption features, including symmetric key encryption, hashing and PGP.


Furthermore, we now offer VPN connections for even more security! A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network within a public network (e.g. the internet). Users within a VPN can send and receive data as if their devices were directly connected in a single private network. All of these increase the security of sent and received data, as it becomes harder for third parties to access the traffic within the VPN.

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