One of our priorities here at MAYAH is to be “more human”, a philosophy that is expressed through our colorful team and how we want to engage with our customers. Diverse personalities with a broad set of skills and abilities working for a common goal, giving you the best high quality audio transmission experience possible.

The MAYAH Team works in a decentralized fashion, with different groups and locations handling different tasks. The main office in Munich (Hallbergmoos) is where our management, finances and PR happens. High up in the North of Germany our office in Flensburg handles support, production and some of the software development, while our teams in Aachen, Koblenz and Hamburg are always hard at work with the greater share of software development.

Here now is our team! Time to get to know us!


Detlef Wiese, the Entrepreneur.

As an experienced entrepreneur in audio communications and co-inventor of MPEG audio, the CEO and founder of MAYAH owns more than 30 patents. He always aims to connect people and technology in an intuitive and motivating way. Detlef Wiese is the creative and driving force behind all our new developments.


Evelyn Peuker, the caring one.

She is a long-standing pillar of MAYAH, who has been working for the company for 13 years and handles our accounting and sales. Evi also knows our customers exceedingly well and is also a reliable help for all sorts of questions and challenges.


Andy Hartmund, the Communicator.

Our typically Northern German Support Manager knows our devices in and out. Since his graduation with a bachelor's degree in business informatics he is supporting our customers in every way possible. Fittingly, he also aids customers with their projects and knows his way around sales.


Lars Hartmund, the Doer.

The veteran head of our production and RMA department takes care of everything that has to do with the hardware of our devices. For over ten years now he has been handling the development and production of our audio codecs.


Hauke Krüger, Doctor of Engineering.

Our most experienced developer has been involved in audio transmission for over 15 years and has multiple international publications and patents to his name. This deep fount of experience is a big boon to our development.


Bernd Geiser, Doctor of Engineering.

The development engineer works at the Aachen University, where he performs research on various topics in the area of audio transmission. He uses these skills to help develop our new devices.


Florian Heese, Doctor of Engineering.

When the newly minted doctor is not researching single and multichannel noise handling in voice and audio signals, he is supporting us in the development of our new codecs.


Tobias Dornbusch, the Wordsmith.

His keen sense for language and his bachelor's degree in “International Professional Communication” make the MA student an indispenseable part of the team. His responsibilities include everything that has to do with the creation, translation and publication of documents.


Nina Thalberg, the Creative.

When the young student for “International Business” is not enjoying travels through Australia or New Zealand or some time in Wales, she is taking care of our marketing and is quickly becoming the friendly face of our public relations.


Oliver Kampf, the Informatics Allrounder.

When he is not developing new software, troubleshooting problems or assisting the Support, then the media informatics engineer is writing his bachelor's thesis about his work with us. Likewise, for everything concerning SIP he will be there for you.


Mats Kockmeyer, the Smart One.

After concluding his practical training in informatics, he started his studies on a university degree in applied informatics. Now he uses that knowledge to create the front end of the new, upcoming version of our control software.


Kevin Terlinden, the Right Hand.

The always likeable Kevin impresses with his diligent and meticulous work, which makes him a big help in our production. When he is not busy supporting us, he enjoys his time in beautiful Denmark, where he goes to university.


Witalik Makus, the Minimalist.

Currently residing in Berlin, the freelancer takes care of everything here that requires an eye for good style. His abilities find expression in the minimalist and pixel-precise design of our graphical user interfaces. His website can be found under: