Special Sale for Rental Pool Units

A big sale for refurbished units of one of our most popular products for you!

CENTAURI IV 3001 (refurbished) - IP and ISDN for Everyone

40% off

We are offering the CENTAURI IV 3001 at 40% off, coming with all standard features as well as ISDN and Opus enabled. All devices sold will be refurbished to the highest standard.

The CENTAURI IV 3001 offers you greatest possible flexibility in operation, with advanced features and more channels than the smaller C10 and C12. The models on sale support transmission via IP as well as ISDN, come with Opus enabled in addition to all standard coding algorithms and have a complete front panel for control and configuration directly on the device. Of course it also comes with the WebRemote for those users that prefer a browser-based configuration. A very versatile device for studios, broadcasters and everyone who needs advanced IP or ISDN transmission. Now available at an unbeatable price!


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